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West End Production of Faulty Towers visits Beaminster


Yes, Faulty, not Fawlty. In May, for one day only, Beaminster’s Ollerod Restaurant and rooms turned into Faulty Towers – complete with an extra-grumpy Basil, a slightly-confused Manuel and a rooted peace-keeping Sybil, as the internationally-acclaimed production of Fawlty Towers: A Dining Experience treated visitors to a 2 hour interactive show and dinner, carefully prepared by former Michelin-chef Chris Staines (under careful guidance of Basil himself).


Faulty Towers: The Dining Experience has been running as a West End Production for over 7 years. This 5-star, critically-acclaimed production has travelled the world and has remained in constant demand in Australia, Europe, Ireland, Scandinavia, the UAE, and the UK since its launch in 1997. Inspired by one of the UK’s greatest comedy series, this 2-hour interactive production is set in a restaurant environment where you, the diners, become the audience and where you’ll have the pleasure of Basil, Sybil and Manuel in the shape of impersonating performers, serving you (and entertaining) you for the entire evening – and as one would expect, things may not always go so smoothly. (Thankfully, he never fired the chef this time!)


The event sold out within hours of launch.


Of the event itself, Ollerod owners Chris and Silvana both agreed that, “Bringing this production to The Ollerod meant that we gave people another reason to visit and experience true Dorset Hospitality, in the heart of Beaminster”.


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