Inside Beaminster church during the walk in Wednesday they host once a week.

Walk-in Wednesday

Walk-In Wednesday   Every Wednesday, Beaminster’s St Mary’s Church comes alive with coffees and teas, activities, laughter and a sense of wellbeing as it throws its doors open to the weekly Walk-in Wednesday community initiative   Driven by the Beaminster Area Team Ministry of 15 churches in the heart of rural Dorset, Walk-In Wednesday is…

The Prout Bridge Project

Prout Bridge Project

The Prout Bridge Project is an initiative focussed on creating a healthy and stimulating environment that supports Beaminster’s Young People. Incorporating the Beaminster Youth Club, this community initiative aims to empower and inspire young people – the future leaders of our nation

The community bus for Beaminster. Picking up passengers from the town.

CB3 Community Bus

Cost-cutting is prevalent throughout our communities – and transport links is just one example of where services are being dropped due to a lack of funding and requirement. But the CB3 Community Bus initiative, a transport project that links villages around Bridport, Beaminster and Crewkerne with these towns on a Saturday, is changing that for local residents in Beaminster.

Beaminster Food Bank

Beaminster’s Food Bank project aims to provide fresh meat, fruit, vegetables and other critical staple cupboard items to families in and around Beaminster who need it most. Based at the Prout Hill Children’s Centre, this partnership between Beaminster Team Churches and the Dorset County Council is open 3 days a week and and will offer help to anyone who is referred by a professional and lives in the local community and surrounding villages