Welcome To Beaminster

From rolling hills that once enabled a thriving agricultural economy to a town square that has, for centuries, been the centre of town life, vibrant Beaminster continues to showcase an abundance of independent businesses, fantastic schools and unforgettable places just waiting for you to explore. Welcome to Our Community!

A town with so much to offer.



Discover Beaminster
Discover Beaminster
Presenting your official music line up for the Beamin’ Family Festival on Saturday 3rd September. Show them some love!
🎢🌟 DT8
🎢🌟 Lizzie
🎢🌟 Fleur and Toby
🎢🌟 Emma Marshall
🎢🌟 Beginners Luck
🎢🌟 TheUndecided
🎢🌟 Beaminster Youth Club at The Prout Bridge Project