Beaminster Food Bank


A partnership between Beaminster Team Churches and the Dorset County Council, Beaminster Food Bank is open 3 days a week and will offer help to anyone who is referred by a professional and lives in the local community and surrounding villages.   We live in uncertain times, which is why the need for community initiatives like this one has become critical to be able to support families who have found themselves in difficult circumstances.


The Beaminster Food Bank is a place where donated food is distributed to those in need or an emergency. Many people in Dorset have been hit by the economic downturn and local people are experiencing a crisis that is not their fault – whether it be changes in benefit, debt problems, divorce, sickness, bereavement, redundancy, rising food & fuel prices, low wages – they all lead to an increase in the need for additional support, like food banks.


Families who need to use the Food Bank can contact the Children’s Centre directly, or can be referred by other organisations and professionals such as Citizen’s Advice, schools, doctors and health visitors to access vouchers for foods.


Donating towards the Food Bank is also a huge part of the Beaminster Community – where local businesses also get involved in either selling food stamps for the food bank, or serving as drop-off points for food, similar to what Beaminster’s COOP store does.


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