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Prout Bridge Project


The Prout Bridge Project is an initiative focussed on creating a healthy and stimulating environment that supports Beaminster’s Young People. Incorporating the Beaminster Youth Club, this community initiative aims to empower and inspire young people – the future leaders of our nation


Starting in 2016, The Phoenix, also known as Beaminster’s Youth Club, was set up as a charity to ensure the continuation of a youth service in Beaminster Dorset. Operating solely on donations and fundraising, this youth service exists to provide the best support and guidance for the young people of Beaminster.


The Beaminster Youth Club is a charitable organisation led by the youth for the youth. Free from any political influences, the youth club is able to self-determine its own direction and approach to work. It is driven by its values and is dedicated to provide the best service for young people and their community. As a result, we are able to achieve good relationships with young people, especially the hard to reach sector of the youth population, who are disengaged from any form of mainstream provision.


Beaminster Youth Club aims to empower young people through advice, information, education and practical support, to allow them to make informed decisions about their lives. The club aims to be more than just a ‘youth club’ and sees the development, needs and aspirations of young people as paramount.


Young people can freely come and go and take part in activities designed to help them reach their potential. We are open to young people aged 8 to 18 and offer a range of fun activities, so if a young person wants to play pool, Wii, computer games, art & craft, watch TV or cook then the youth club is the place to come. It’s all about what the young people want to try not what they have to.


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